Who has benefitted? [PromoApps case study]

In our first PromoApps case study, we look at Zepher Tours, based in Sydney. Our solution has helped them grow their outreach via mobile and connect with their consumers in real time.

Zepher is a family run tour business based in Sydney, Australia providing tour services to the Hunter Valley wine region for wine tasting, meals, concerts, and festivals. The business is growing and the directors faced the challenge of improving how they could connect with customers.

“Back in 2014 the use of mobile overtook desktop and now app use dominates peoples’ time spent on mobile devices with 90% of mobile time spent in apps” – Neilsen statistics

PromoApps advised that connecting with customers via mobile would enhance the outreach for Zepher. Mobile users spend an average of over 30hrs per month in apps (Neilsen statistics). PromoApps decided to utilise a web app to help Zepher break into this market and ensure budget considerations were met.

PromoApps case study
Neilsen statistics mobile av.app usage per month

With a web app, the user will get the look and feel of a mobile app on their device (desktop icon and user interface). There is not a requirement for PromoApps to code and launch apps via the Apple App Store and Google Play. This creates efficiencies in cost and time.

“We were unsure what to expect with mobile so thought we would do a trial with PromoApps. We were impressed that Steve and the team took the time and asked the right questions to understand our business and needs before creating our app – we haven’t looked back!” Stuart Wesierski, Director

PromoApps created a simple user interface. The function menu allowed the user to connect with Zepher itineraries, meeting points, social feed, and contact information. The share menu allows them to distribute the app to friends and family quickly and easily.

However, the real benefit to Zepher came with the inclusion of a survey.

The survey allows Zepher to get tour feedback before their customers have finished their tour! This allows them to do instant troubleshooting and maintain their 5-star TripAdvisor rating.

“We now save a lot of time and money with the survey solution as our customers can connect via their mobile on board our tours so we get feedback right at the point when customers finish a tour. This has given us the power to fix any problems immediately by discussing the feedback with the customer. As a result we have already avoided some negative reviews on trip advisor by speaking with customers directly after the survey comes in!” Stuart Wesierski, Director

Zepher embedded the app within their business process by encouraging customers to download once they book a tour. Tour managers will then follow with a prompt at the end of the tour for users to go online and complete the feedback survey.

PromoApps worked with Zepher to develop the survey which allows text feedback for any negative reviews and keeps the user engaged across eight quick questions. Zepher tour managers provided further feedback during testing to ensure the app and survey were fit for purpose.

PromoApps case study
A Zepher tour manager shows a customer how to use the Zepher app

“PromoApps have helped introduce Zepher Tours to mobile and they worked with us to identify ways in which mobile could enhance the customer experience. The tour feedback has been invaluable to us” Stuart Wesierski, Director

In addition to the improvements created by the app there are other benefits which Zepher is just starting to utilise:

  • Push Notifications – Zepher can send out notifications to all users instantly to inform them of promotions and competitions
  • Statistics – The app can tell us how users engaged, for how long and on which device in addition to the data provided from the survey responses. PromoApps sends this across to Zepher once a month for their marketing team to analyse

Click here to try the Zepher app for yourself!

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