Using a Custom Survey App – Industry Feedback

PromoApps recently surveyed professionals from the marketing sector in Australia about their experience using iPads (with custom survey app) in field events to interact with customers, here are some of our findings:


Exhibitions, trade shows and experiential events are the most popular sites for iPad deployment with over 80% of respondents having used them in this manner.


Over 60% of our professionals used a custom survey app for their field events over other popular data capture services such as SurveyMonkey or iLeads


A majority of the professionals that used a custom survey app felt that it met their needs despite the fact that customer feedback did not indicate customers needs were met.


50% of our professionals said they would be interested to use a coupon code or spinning wheel competition within their events and promotions – these features are both unique add-ons to the promoapps data capture service.


Over 25% of our professionals said they struggled to configure iPads suitably for use in their field events.
The great news is that PromoApps is responding to these needs – through our event experience we can assist with a custom survey app and support to ensure your iPads are fully secure and tailored to your needs. So whether it’s data capture, coupon codes, spinning wheels or a specific interaction you wish to create, we can assist, get in touch at!

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